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What's Brown and Sticky?

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Brownies, of course!  Though, if you ask Titli, she would say a stick!  What were you thinking?  So today's recipe was another baked good and really kind of a cheat on my part because I have made brownies before.  But I had some extra time today so I thought I would give Titli's recipe a shot.  So go read her recipe and watch her video before reading my blog so you know what I am talking about (links at the top of the post).

Now, before you even begin to make brownies, I have one very important recommendation for you: make sure you have all of the ingredients!  That may seem silly, but I had already gotten started melting my chocolate and pre-heating my oven and then I went to grab my eggs to crack into the sugar.  I had three and this recipe calls for four.  Shoot!  I turned everything off and ran quickly over to my neighbor to borrow an egg.  Though, I won't be giving it back to her so really I went to beg for an egg.  So an extra step in my baking was having a little chitchat about nothing so I could get an egg.  Double check, folks!

Notice the three eggs?  I noticed too late!

This recipe was incredibly easy to do and I did not even have an electric mixer like Titli did!  So I got another work out today mixing by hand!  My arms are soon going to be toned between shredding carrots and beating batter.  Now Titli said to mix the eggs, sugar, and vanilla for ten minutes on high.  And that is a great tip for all of you who have electric mixers can just watch it go to town while you suck on your teeth (I jest) but for those of you like me who do not have an electric anything for cooking (I told you I was a beginner!) you can reduce this time.  I mixed well for probably less that five minutes and everything was smooth and well mixed.  Also, as a note, I used white sugar and two cups like Titli recommend.  Unless, you really like sweet brownies, I would not use any more than this.

A good, old wooden spoon does the trick just fine
Now, I forgot to mention, start melting the chocolate before mixing anything.  It helps wasting time sitting around for it to finish melting and mine had melted completely and perfectly right when I was ready for it.  I used semi-sweet chocolate chips and you need to press them with your spoon to realize that they have melted, just mix it a bit when you are ready and it should be fine.  The bowl over the simmering water works wonderfully.  When I added in the butter (or fat as Titli charmingly refers to it as) it takes a few minutes to mix it in well.  And at first it does not seem like it is going to mix in and then WHAM!  It is all smooth and creamy.  Just keep stirring it over the simmering water and it will mix beautifully.

Mixed chocolate and butter; nice and smooth
Mixing the sugar/egg mix, chocolate, flour, and salt is the final mixing step and it is super easy.  Took me just about a minute of good stirring to mix everything together smoothly.  I decided to add a little bit of extras to mine and poured in a half cup of chocolate chips into the batter.  Then I poured into a 9"x13" baking try that I greased with Pam, not butter, and it worked perfectly.  Like with the carrot cake, Titli set her oven to 180C and baked for 30 minutes.  I baked mine at 400F (which I think is slightly hotter) for 30 minutes and when I pulled it out it was done, toothpick tested!  And there were no burned corners, it came out perfectly.

The end result: delicious!  They were jut the right balance of chewy and gooey with a nice flakey top and edges.  The hardest part of this simple recipe is waiting for them to cool properly before cutting them up and eating (but do let them cool, because it makes less of a mess!).  From starting to pulling them out of the oven, it took me just about an hour (conversation with the neighbor lady included) so this recipe is quite quick to make!  Definitely an easy baking project and very tasty!  Thanks Titli!

Ready to share (or not)!

Happy Baking!

Zielony Pie

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