Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Welcome to Cooking With Titli!

So I have started numerous blogs over the years and they all have one thing in common: they have flopped.  This is because I have lacked a goal and direction.  I just wrote about this or that but never had any strong ties to connect them all and certainly never had goal.  Now, that is all about to change (I hope!) wth this blog, which has a stronger more cohesive point-of-view.  I have challenged myself to learn how to cook and bake!

This entire idea was inspired by a British woman who lives in Switzerland and goes by Titli Nihaan.  She uploads cooking and baking videos onto youtube with a specialty (though definitely not limited to!) in Asian and Middle Eastern dishes!  Yum!  Those are some of my favorites.  She also makes anything else you could think of from cakes to burgers.  Nothing really stands in Titli's way when it comes to the kitchen!

I found Titli quite by accident on youtube and decided to watch her video.  From the very first clip, I was hooked.  But it was not because of her great skill or easy to follow videos (though those were certainly a plus).  It was how funny she was!  I was laughing out loud while I watched her make youtube videos about cooking.  COOKING!  She was making cooking seem like fun and not a chore, which was truly a novel idea to me.  All of you must check out her website and her youtube channel to see more of what she does.

So I subscribed and watched her make dish after dish of mouthwatering food while still managing to make me laugh!  And I thought: Hey, I could do this!  I could learn to cook!  So I really owe all of this blog to Titli Nihaan, a woman who does not know me and I will probably never have the fortune to meet, but has motivated me enough to step out of my comfort zone and into the kitchen and start cooking!

Well, I have written paragraphs about Titli.  Now a little bit about me.  Well, one simply cannot use their real name when writing and working a blog centered around a woman named Titli Nihaan!  So I have adopted the pen name Zielony Pie!  I am currently a college-aged young man ready to go back to school in the Spring to study Art History.  I work in retail and most importantly I have zero cooking experience and minimal baking experience.  I am the step before beginner, but Titli, here I come!

So what is this blog all about, you ask?  Let me tell you!  The goal: to learn to cook and bake by following the recipes that Titli Nihaan publishes.  And then I shall write my results and thoughts (troubles and successes) as well as post some pictures.  This blog is dedicated to those who, like me, have never had the chance to learn how to cook but wish to but were afraid to try.  It will be a learning process and I want to tackle at least one recipe a week and more if I can.  That is the goal!

Happy cooking,

Zielony Pie


  1. Cool blog, I hope you keep it up! I came across Titli the same way you did. I was actually looking for a recipe for Baklava and her video came up in my search. My family does "Christmas Around the World". Everyone brings a dish from another country. We were tired of eating the same food every year at Christmas. This has been our tradition for about the last 4 years. When I found Titli's videos I thought they were so funny because she has a great sense of humor, I learn how to make delicious food, and it's all done in a fun way.

  2. Oh, also, I'm going to try making Titli's Boef a la Bourguignonne. If it turns out, I'm going to bring it to my mom's for Christmas. Also, I'm making the Baklava probably the day before (Christmas Eve).