Wednesday, September 15, 2010

OMG! It's a Moose!

Recipe:  Chocolate Mousse
Video:  Link
Recipe Number:  7
Week:  1

The batter is almost as good as the finished mousse!

Okay, not a moose but the next best thing: chocolate mousse.  So I actually made chocolate mousse a few days ago but just did not have a chance to sit down and write-up this blog post.  Oh well, it is happening now.  I have to say, this is an extremely easy recipe to follow and do and the end result is so tasty and wonderful, it is a great dessert to make and serve to guests.  And when you say you made mousse, they will just not believe it!  Go watch Titli's video and read her recipe so you know what I am talking about!

All you need to make for four servings

So first things first, get the butter and the chocolate melting on the stove, using the bowl over a pot of simmering water trick.  This trick is great because no matter how long it takes you to beat the egg whites into merengue, with in reason of course, the chocolate will not burn.  This trick is so simple and gentle.  Just forget you ever had a microwave, just forget it right now!  For beating the egg whites, I would recommend investing in an electric mixer, because I am sure it makes things infinitely easier.  I do not have one and that is the only part of the recipe that I found a challenge: the physical labor!  (I swear my arms are getting toned from all of this baking.)

If you are as unfortunate as me and have to beat your egg whites by hand, first thing I would recommend is getting some help.  Your arm is going to get tired and you will have to take breaks, probably, so it would definitely be nice to switch off with someone.  I am a bit of a control freak, so I was silly and did not ask for hep.  Do not be like me, folks.  It took me about thirty minutes to beat the eggs into soft peaks, though, but I did discover a trick which made the process easier.  I sat down at the table and put the rod of the whisk between my hands and made a rubbing motion so it spun in the egg white (I am will aware of the innuendo here, but there was no other way to explain it!  *Sigh*).  This made the motions of an electric mixer and I cannot say it was faster, because I discovered this near the end, but it seemed like it was and it was easier to do.  If you are beating by hand, there is an end in sight though and beating in the confectioner's sugar is much faster!

These were my stiff peaks, picture quality is a no go, sorry folks!

Once you have finished with your merengue, set it aside and go finish up with the chocolate.  This only takes a few minutes as it should be all nice and melted by this point.  Add in the rest of the ingredients and mix well over the heat.  Remove and add in the merengue in small amounts, about a quarter at a time or so worked well for me.  Work slowly driving your spoon down to the bottom of the mixture and then bringing up the chocolate to cover the merengue.  As it gets more fully covered, you can start to work at breaking up the clumps and making the consistency even.  And then, repeat three more times or until you have it all mixed.

Easy, right?  Now all that is left is dividing it into some serving glasses and putting it in the refrigerator for a few hours to set.  I let mine sit over night (I made them very late) and by morning they were perfect!  I had one before going to work and it was delectable.  I did not garnish mine as I really had nothing to garnish them with but you can follow Titli's suggestion, stick a small cookie in, or spray on some whipped cream.  Or eat them as is like me!  Whatever your fancy is, go for it!

This poor guy lasted barely a minute before he was consumed

Happy Baking,

Zielony Pie


  1. I hope you made the proper noises when whisking your meringues. Very important.

  2. Hi titli :)) Just wanted to say I tried you mousse recipe today and it turned out so so so great! :))

    Thank -you so much I am from India I hope you find time to visit my new blog!

    I will surely be trying out more recipes from your blog and making all the right noises ofcourse :))