Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tortillalicious! (With Flour)

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Irregularly shaped goodness :)

Flour tortillas are a simple little flat bread often used with Mexican cuisine... I did not make any Mexican cuisine, however, so it should be noted that they are great just by themselves.  This recipe by Titli was extremely simple to follow and reproduce.  So, like always, go read the recipe and watch the video and then come back and read my blog.

Ingredients are simple for this dish and you start off right away by mixing everything together.  The recipe calls for a variation of water but says to start off with 1/4 cup.  When I did this, it was definitely not enough water and I slowly added in more water until I got a nice, not-to-sticky dough.  I probably added in about another 1/8 cup of water.  But add it slowly, not all at once, just as you need it!

Finished dough

Now when it comes time to roll out the six tortillas, remember that the shape of your disk is going to have definite effects on the shape of your tortilla!  So if you are a stickler for perfect spherical-ness (because it tastes better that way... right?) make sure your discs are nice and even and round.  Or you can be like me and make fun shaped tortillas that varied from nice and round, to almost square, to something the resembled a mutated mickey mouse!  One tip that I do have is if while you are rolling the corners of your tortilla start to look torn and jagged, fold the edges in all around and re-roll.  Helps keep them smooth.

Whether the edge is perfectly round or not, it should be nice and thin!

Cooking these things was really easy.  Take a flat bottom pan and put it on medium heat then throw these suckers on.  I did not watch a clock while these guys cooked but they cook really, really quickly so just check the cooking side after a short while to see how it is doing.  Every time on my first check, it was ready to be flipped.  Once flipped, the second side cooks much faster, which, of course, makes sense because it is already heated up.  Takes no time at all to cook all six.

Now, just making tortillas is not difficult at all and rather plain (especially when you lack the Mexican food to go with it like I did).  So here is a simple Zielony Delicacy you can whip up with your freshly made flour tortillas.  Take one tortilla and spread either peanut butter or nutella on it and the roll it up into a tube.  Bon appetite!  A nice, tasty snack... or at least it is if you like peanut butter and nutella!

It tastes better than the quality of this picture!
Happy Cooking!

Zielony Pie

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  1. ... or sprinkle on some grated cheese, maybe a few slices of jalapeno pepper, then pop under a grill until the cheese bubbles!